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  • Our brand likes to include and protect everyone. These bracelets are adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. Since this set is handmade, the sizes may vary little. They can be as small as 1.35in in diameter and as large as 4 inches in diameter.
  • Everywhere you go take this beautiful, woven, handmade red amulet for prosperity, love and success. Evil Eye and Good Luck Buddisth String. Avoid bad luck and bring balance, peace, and good vibes to your life.
  • This beautiful piece works great to protect from evileye. Is is nicely knotted so that they are long-lasting. The thread is not too thick or thin, it is the perfect size, very strong, subtle and elegant. Can be worn in formal and informal events such as a wedding, birthday, work, and other day to day activities. It is most often worn on the right side, under the heart.
  • Amulets are worn with big bravery. Give this woven, redline, knotted braclet with love. Perfect gift for womens, mens, girls, boys, newborn babies
  • Give this 7 knots red bracelet for protection against negative energy, as a lucky charm, as a spiritual gifts with multi uses because it can be worn on the ankle and writst. It is made of high quality material, perfect friendship gift.

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ENGLISH This powerful amulet serves to dispel negativity and attract positive energies. Wearing this red braclet protects you from maladies caused by the Evil Eye.
It’s thought to ward off negativity and bring goodluck. This talisman should be worn on the left wrist because this is the side from which the soul draws vital energy.
Easy to wear and take, is suitable for all size, children, boys, girls, women and men.
SPANISH Estas pulseras de hilo rojo sirven como amuletos de la buena suerte y alejar el mal de ojo. Son ajustables para adaptarse a la mayoria de muñecas, para mujeres, hombres, niños, niñas, y bebes. Tipicamente se usa en la mano izquierda, del lado del corazon. Los hilos son de alta calidad, no se deshacen con facilidad, y son modernos para poder usar siempre, sin importar la ocasion.

  • Kabbalah (Jewish) Because not everyone has access to Rachel’s tomb to wrap the red string around it seven times, it is instead often knotted 7 times while repeating a Kabbalah bracelet prayer.
    • AncientChineseLegend In ancient Chinese legend, the Red Thread of Fate is an invisible thread said to tie together all those whose lives will intertwine. It is governed by the Chinese God of marriage, Yue Lao, as it is often most associated with the link between two people who are destined to be married.
      • Buddhism Similar to other traditions, buddhist say that these red cords bring luck and offer protection. They also serve as a constant reminder of vows if received for a vow ceremony, or lessons if received during a retreat. Take good care of your braclets, do not immerse in liquid or spray wtih perfume directly.
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